Can You Make $200 A Day Renting Hearses?

If you are thinking about renting a hearse, you might be wondering just how much you can make. Can you make a fast $200 a day renting hearses. The answer might surprise you. eep on reading and get an idea about how much you can make.

The truth is that with a specialty vehicle like a hearse, you should be able to make far more than a 200 a day. What exactly you make depends on what market you are in and your location. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you are renting hearses as a novelty and not to be used as an actual funeral hearse.

Making money renting hearses as a novelty depends on several factors. The first of which is the intricacy and rarity of your hearse. For example, if your hearse is decorated and painted properly to represent a slightly creepy experience, you will probably get more in the novelty market. Don’t expect an otherwise stock mid nineties Cadillac hearse to get much respect in the rental market. If people are renting a hearse as a novelty, they want creepy. If you have the right creepy hearse, you should be starting at $200 a day and going up from there. If you have some money in your hearse, $500 might be a more appropriate rental rate in addition to an acceptable deposit.

Location is another strong factor in how much you can get as well as how often you can rent your hearse out. If you live near a studio area for example you might be able to get movie business. Slasher, horror movies will pay big bucks for the right hearse. Live in another part of the country, you might have to make do with seasonal Halloween parties and the occasional wedding rental. Movie business will be the most profitable of rentals generating far in excess of $200 a day potentially.

Renting a hearse will probably not make you a fortune but an occasional $200 a day is nice. Look at it as a way to support your hobby giving you the money to pay for things like upgrades, gas, insurance, maintenance and all the little things that can add up in a hurry. You will never become rich renting hearses but as long as you enjoy what you are doing it will be well worth it.

Quick Tips To Make More Than $200 a Day

Make your hearse nice and unique.
The better condition it is in, the more that you can get. Also, blow people away with custom and creepy touches.

Reach out to studios.
This is where you will make the most money, way more than $200 a day. Reach out so that they can find you when thy need you and be prepared to deliver your baby to them.

Be willing to travel.
The further your delivery area, the more likely you are to make some nice money. A nice radius is one hundred miles and do not be afraid to charge for delivery, you have a unique service that should be paid for.


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