Hearse Rental

Are you thinking about renting a hearse? Do you have a hearse and are you thinking of ideas on renting it out? Here are some of the top reasons to rent a hearse whether you are a hearse owner or a hearse seeker.

Do note that if you lan to rent a hearse, you should treat it like nay other business and not a hobby. Have proper insurance and a good legal contract.

  1. Halloween
    This is so obvious that it is hardly worth mentioning, but I will. A hearse parked outside your home makes the perfect decoration. Your guests will gt into the Halloween mood and will love taking pictures with it. Rent a hearse for this holiday and you will be the talk of the neighborhood for months, even years.
    If you are a hearse owner this is a simple way to make money. All that you need to do is dive to someones house and park your vehicle. Then just come back the next day and pick it up.
  2. Prom
    Got a weird sense of humor or style? If you answered yes, then you might want to take a hearse to prom. You will for sure get noticed.
    As a hearse owner, you can either simply rent the hearse out or you can drive and make some added money as a chauffeur.
  3. Weddings
    Who wouldn’t want to drive away from your wedding in a hearse. As a guy, you know its over so why not show the world that you understand this.
  4. Business Grand Opening
    Opening a new business or restaurant? Park a hearse out front for some added traffic. People always notice a hearse and when they stop for a look, they will see your business.
  5. Office Party
    A good way to give your employees or fellow coworkers a photo op. A hearse can make the event something different and special.

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