Time For A Tune Up

So the season is over. If your ride is like mine, you know what I mean by that. Halloween is the busiest season and as such, I usually do not get to blog much. So, now I am here to make up for that.

I have a little downtime so I figured now would be the time to do a little tuneup and get some more power out of my ride. It has been feeling a little sluggish lately so I was thinking about changing the plugs, plug wires and adding a high performance air filter. Little stuff, but sometimes these things can make a nice difference in the seat of your pants.

Spark Plugs

First, the plugs. As you may or may not know, spark plugs play a huge role in the efficiency of your engine. They light off the fuel mixture and if they are not working properly, you get an incomplete burn. This means less fuel efficiency and less power.

Changing the plugs is also a great way to monitor the condition of your engine. If they are damaged or burnt, you could be having a problem with detonation and if they are covered with oil, it is a sure sign that a piston ring may be going south on you.

As far as plug types go, it is Bosch platinum for me. I do not want to have to do these every year, even if it is a simple 30 minute job on an old school V8. The Bosch will keep ticking for years to come, come pre-gapped and are less than $5 a piece.

Plug Wires

Next, you have to get the power to the plugs and upon examination the other week, my wires were starting to look a little cracked. These things live under harsh conditions, seeing extreme heat and extreme cold. This time of year is particularly bad on wires since the temperature under hood will range from 10 degrees to 300 degrees.

There are all kinds of wires out there and you can spend as much as a few hundred dollars on a set. Waste of money if you ask me. I would rather replace my wires more often and go with a more inexpensive set. My choice is the house brand from Autozone. Duralast wires are about $30 a set, hold up well and do the job of moving electricity under my hood just fine.

It takes about 5 minute to replace a set and, if yours are as worn as mine, you will notice a difference.

Air Filter

Enough with the maintenance, let’s add a little power to the machine. K&N air filters have been around for ages and they have a bunch of benefits.

First, they flow more air and while it will not completely transform your engine, it can give you one or two more horsepower. In addition to the power also comes a bit more fuel economy which is also nice when you are used to low teens in the mileage department.

Second is the cost of the filter. While it is more expensive than a paper filter, it lasts much longer. In fact, it comes with a million mile guarantee so it will be the last filter you ever buy. This means no more annual or semi annual paper filter replacement. At $10 a pop, it will not take long for the K&N to pay for itself.

That’s It

So, that’s it. This is what I have been up to since Halloween. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you have been up to and send me pics so that I can post them.

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