What Would You Do With A $500 Loan?

I recently got the itch to do some modifications to the old girl and it got me thinking about everyones priority when it comes to modifying their rides. Do you like to prioritize your sound system, looks or perhaps speed is your thing. Here is what I decided to do with the $500 loan I got from Loan Monkey. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

My priority has always been sound and I was in desperate need for a new head unit so I went down to my local Car Toys and picked up a new one. My Choice, a Kenwood Double Din head unit with Android Play.

I got the whole thing installed for just under the $500 budget that I had. Even had a little left do pay for my Pandora subscription for the month.

The sound quality is great and I definitely recommend this unit by the Android Auto function is the greatest thing ever. I finally have something high tech in my vehicle again. It completely changes the feel of your hearse.

So What Would You Do With $500?

Would you do audio like me or would you have done an exhaust or perhaps put the money into custom upholstery. Let me know and lets discuss it below.

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